The Drop In.

This is one of the posts I've had written down in the notes section in my phone of 'random things to blog about one day'. 

So, the drop in. Maybe its one of those 'Aussie' things but a "drop in" is where you just randomly turn up to someone's house without notice. Apparently (and I say this somewhat incredulously) people used to do this all the time, and no-one ever gave two hoots about it. It was just what you did. "Let's go and drop in on Marge for a cuppa". Poor unsuspecting Marge.

The very idea of a 'drop-in' horrifies me right down to my little introvert core. Alongside phone calls from 'unnamed numbers', or actually maybe make that all phone calls.

I tried to work out what it is I don't like about it. I'm not some kind of nudist who might get sprung with no clothes on, or anything perverted or even just sleeping. We have kids so we're never doing anything other than playing trains, watching ABC2 or screaming at each other. Nope its definitely just the not knowing. Also, what if we had no milk for cups of tea.

But the thing that kills me is that some people actually LIKE being dropped in on. So when they say "come by anytime" - they actually mean, come by ANYTIME. Like anytime. Brrrrr. 

The only thing worse than someone dropping in on me is the thought of me having to go to someone else's house when they aren't expecting me. I tried it once and I'm still not over it. They took FOREVER to answer the door and it was clear that I'd woken them up despite them denying it (the bleary eyes and the lines from the sheets on their face was a clear giveaway). 

Once they'd woken up properly they seemed to be happy to see me, but it had put me off dropping in on people forever. Also, it was 3pm on a Saturday so hardly bedtime. 

My theory is, back in the day they didn't have any social media. So they had to talk to real people (I know, the horror). The only way to do that was go over to someone else's house. But not everyone had phones or they were out the back when you called and they didn't hear it ring so you just - dropped in. Everyone baked, and everyone ate real sugar and drank full fat milk in their tea so there was always food at home.

That might be how it came about, but times have changed people! Lets vote to outlaw the drop in once and for all!

So, are you for or against the drop in? 

- Jen